Steeper Energy Hydrofaction® Technology at Statkraft Green Fuels (SGF) Demo Plant in Tofte Norway

Engage Steeper to Solve Your Specific Challenge?

Your project may involve:

  • Marine transportation with a need for bunker fuel?
  • Aviation with a need for SAF?
  • Heavy haul transport with a need for bio-diesel?
  • Waste Management with a biowaste challenge?
  • Industrial agriculture with access to significant crop residues?
  • Industrial agricultural with access to significant animal digestate residues?
  • Forestry with forest rights and residual forestry waste fiber?
  • Lumber milling looking for ways to further commoditize your operations?
  • A heavy industrial operation looking for carbon offset opportunities?


In all of these cases, Steeper can be engaged to address your project needs via a licensing arrangement or to join as a project investor.