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21 Jun 2022

Lignofuels is an annual conference series that brings together key lignofuels, advanced biofuels, and materials stakeholders.

Conversion of Forestry Waste to Finished Transportation Fuels through Hydrofaction® Technology – by Bevan May



A video overview of Steeper’s Hydrofaction® technology from biomass to finished fuels with video from the Silva Green Fuel commercial-scale Demonstration Plant, Advanced Biofuels Center, and Continuous Bench Scale Pilot Plant.

Steeper Energy Corporate Video

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July 2022

Hydrofaction® Oil, an HTL biocrude derived from woody biomass via Steeper Energy’s proprietary technology process. The biocrude contains high energy density and low oxygen content, which is upgradable to renewable finished fuels, such as marine fuels, renewable diesel, SAF, and gasoline.

Pouring Hydrofaction® Oil derived from forest residues at room temperature without preheating the biocrude

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29 Oct 2020

DigestConnect is a weekly webinar organized by BiofuelsDigest. Steeper is featured in DigestConnect #31.

Hydrofaction® , Driving into Low-Carbon Energy Future and Circular Economy – by Perry Toms

21 Oct 2020

The Biomass Energy Network (BEN) is a university-based network facilitating collaboration and communication amongst the Alberta ecosystem of academia, government, and industry in the bioenergy sector.

Virtual symposium presentation by Perry Toms: How to Grow Alberta’s Low-Carbon Energy Future

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19 Nov 2019

Expert Workshop on “Potential of Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) routes for biofuel production”. The workshop was organized by five H2020 funded projects: HyFlexFuel, WASTE2ROAD, 4refinery, NextGenRoadFuels, and Heat to Fuel; as well as the Norwegian National Centre-Bio4Fuels. IEA Bioenergy Task 33 featured the event in its newsletter.

An interview with Perry Toms, Co-Founder of Steeper

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25 Oct 2018

European Investment Bank (EIB) invited Perry Toms to be a panelist at the first Circular Economy Conference in Copenhagen. Steeper was highlighted as a flagship company in biofuels.

EIB interview with Perry Toms, Co-Founder of Steeper

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