Steeper Energy Has Achieved Commercial Viability

The Major Elements of Steeper’s Journey from “Idea” to “Commercial Viability” Include:

  • Fleshing out the science with enough clarity to build a lab-scale plant in Denmark. This was completed in 2011.
  • Leverage the knowledge gained from the Lab-scale plant to create the Pilot Plant. Completed in 2013. These first two steps were completed in conjunction with Aalborg University’s Department of Energy Technology.
  • Define and file patents to achieve protection in the marketplace. Steeper has over 200 patents across 25 patent families. A significant slate of additional patents are pending.
  • Negotiate the first commercial license with a credible, committed partner for advancing towards a Demo Plant and first Commercial Plant. This was executed with Silva Green Fuel in 2017.
  • Build a commercial-scale demonstration plant – now embodied in SGF’s plant in Tofte, Norway. Construction of this plant was completed in Nov 2021.
  • Develop a world-class Advanced Biofuels Refining and Analytics Laboratory – our Advanced Biofuels Center (ABC) in Calgary Alberta. This lab is dedicated to developing know-how and processing capabilities associated with any Hydrofaction® produced biocrude facilitating the commercial processing of a wide range of waste feedstocks to certified finished fuels.
  • Develop essential elements of a “basic” engineering design package associated with a commercial-scale Hydrofaction® plant—our Standard Modular Plant Design (SMPD). Detailed design work occurs after specific sites are selected. Steeper’s SMPD documentation was then reviewed by global engineering firm, Hatch Engineering, validating key design elements.
  • Confirm offtake agreements. Steeper has engaged in the process to sign MOU’s with major global fuel users that commits to delivery of substantial volumes of Hydrofaction® Oil. These commitments will support commercial projects around the world.

How Did We Get Here?


Dr. Steen Iversen and Perry Toms established Steeper Energy


Steeper's Continuous Bench Scale (CBS) pilot plant installed at the Aalborg University, DK


5000 operating hours reached at CBS; Hydrofaction® Oil production proven to be repeatable and reliable


Silva Green Fuel licenses Hydrofaction® to build 30 BPD industrial-scale Demonstration Plant in Tofte, Norway as a precursor to a 2,000 BPD plant


CBS undergoes first upgrades and optimizations


Upgrading of Hydrofaction® Oil to
on-spec diesel and marine fuel achieved; co-processing routes externally validated


Steeper and SGF advance the design of sub-systems, contract key suppliers and begin construction of industrial-scale Demonstration Plant


Advanced Biofuels Center established in Calgary, Canada for demonstrating pathways to finished fuels with select commercial end users



CBS undergoes reactor upgrade. Proprietary Pump is commissioned

November 2021

Commissioning and start-up of Silva Green Fuel industrial-scale Demonstration Plant



Commercial MOUs and agreements

Growing IP portfolio of 25 patent families, with over 200 patents granted internationally