Hydrofaction® Supports Acceleration of CO2 Reduction Strategies

Hydrofaction®’s Conversion of Biomass Feedstocks Includes the Production of Liquid CO2 Creating the Opportunity to Sequester or Subsequently Convert CO2 Into Additional Biofuel Products

For every 100 kilograms of Oil produced in Hydrofaction®, 80-90 kgs of liquid CO2 is also produced. This is a substantial product asset and presents project owners with a range of choices to drive further improved Life-cycle Analysis (LCA) pushing into significantly negative values of carbon intensity.

An example can be to use Wind power for the production of sufficient hydrogen which supports Methanol production from CO2. Or, if a Hydrofaction® plant is located conveniently, CO2 can be pumped into geologic formations for permanent storage. Project owners can leverage this to push harder towards decarbonization.  The economics of such decisions are balanced against society’s high motivation to better care for our planet.