Hydrofaction® is a Product Available Globally. A Complete “Basic” Engineering Design Package is Refined on Specific Projects.

Steeper Energy’s Standard Modular Plant Design (SMPD) is complete and applicable on specific projects where a site partner has selected a specific plant site and has identified a specific feedstock. A detailed design phase would be used to fully prepare for plant construction at a particular site.

The SMPD is based on single-line capacity of Hydrofaction® Oil. Operated in parallel, the standard plant includes multiple lines resulting in a commercial scale plant with a total capacity of 2,000 BPD. A particular application and site would drive the appropriate number of lines. Site size considerations include requisite amount of feedstock storage, accessibility, renewable crude oil storage, and so on. Factors that will determine the total plant capacity clearly are related to the volume of biomass feedstock available within a reasonable geography such that it can be efficiently transported to site. A standard plant may or may not include an integrated upgrading unit for production of finished fuels.

Qualifying a given project opportunity would include assessing ability to achieve municipal and environmental approvals, confirming feedstock supply, and defining offtake arrangements with either direct fuel buyers in a region, or delivering renewable crude to a local refinery complex capable of co-processing Hydrofaction® Oil.