Hydrofaction® is a Commercial Product Available Globally

Steeper Energy has developed a Standard Modular Plant Design (SMPD) framework that allows for rapid and efficient commercial deployment of Hydrofaction®. This engineering material serves as the foundation for the base and detailed design scope normally associated with designing industrial facilities. The development of specific projects will involve engagement by plant/project owners and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors at specific locations.

The SMPD design is based on a 2,000 barrels per day (BPD) average production capacity and consists of multiple, parallel process lines that provide a combined (average) output capacity of biocrude. Each process line is controlled independently. This configuration supports reliability and uptime considerations. A Hydrofaction® plant can be a standalone plant producing biocrude only or can include an integrated upgrading section on the backend for the direct production of fuels. A Hydrofaction® plant could also be attached to an existing refinery.

When assessing potential new projects, the following key parameters and site considerations are reviewed:

  • Biomass feedstock availability and transportation logistics
  • Intended offtakers for the biocrude or motor fuel products
  • Preliminary review of regulatory requirements
  • Available land footprint, zoning type, and long-term suitability
  • Municipal and environmental permitting requirements
  • Integration/co-location opportunities with other nearby industrial facilities
  • Availability for area-heating integration to increase efficiency and economics of a plant