Patent Protection

Steeper Energy currently holds 155 registered patents and 120 pending across 25 patent families.  These are filed in various jurisdictions around the world, including in the EU, Canada, the USA, China and other strategic locations.

Steeper’s patent portfolio represents over a decade of investment in the development and execution of the Hydrofaction® technology platform. Steeper’s patents cover processes, applications, and apparatus spanning the entire value-chain from the receipt and manipulation of biomass at the plant gate through to its pumping and transformation to biocrude and the separation of the products. The Company’s intellectual property also includes patents and knowledge relating to the upgrading of biocrude oils, including biocrude oils other than Steeper’s Hydrofaction® Oil, to finished advanced biofuels such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and biodiesel.

This body of work is an important asset that will protect and enhance our ability to operate our business. The Company is also rich with know-how that compliments its patent portfolio. This combination of legal rights and the experience to apply those rights gives Steeper a competitive advantage in the implementation and proliferation of Hydrofaction®.

Steeper’s patent portfolio is applicable to competitors and other complementary businesses and may generate licensing revenue outside of Steeper’s core business.  Steeper is constantly investing in expanding its knowledge base and developing new intellectual property to support the commercial adoption of Hydrofaction® for the benefit of its licensees and partners.