Calgary’s Steeper Energy Canada Ltd. Reports Carbon Intensity of 15 kg CO2/GJ for Hydrofaction™ Oil

Calgary Alberta – August 19, 2015 – Steeper Energy Canada Ltd., a Danish-Canadian clean-fuel company, had (S&T)2 undertake an analysis on the carbon intensity of Hydrofaction™ Oil produced in northern Alberta and consumed in British Columbia. The modelling of GHG emissions for the production of Hydrofaction™ Oil produced at a Steeper Energy facility in Peace River, Alberta has been undertaken using the version of the GHGenius model (4.03a) that has been specified in the BC Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) regulations.

The GHGenius model calculated the lifecycle emissions for the Hydrofaction™ oil produced from wood residues at the Steeper Energy facility in Peace River, Alberta to be 15.16 g CO2eq/MJ. This represents a reduction in carbon emissions of 83.8% relative to fossil diesel which has a carbon intensity of 93.55 g CO2eq/MJ.

Additional information on GHGenius is available at