Hydrofaction™ Platform

Steeper’s proprietary Hydrofaction™ technology platform is related to the broader family of processes known as hydrothermal liquefaction. Hydrofaction™ uniquely utilizes super-critical water to convert biomass and organic wastes into a renewable fuel oil or “Hydrofaction™ Oil”. Based on proven, catalytic, supercritical water chemistry, Hydrofaction™ subjects as harvested (wet) biomass to high temperature and high pressure in the presence of homogenous alkaline catalysts and radical scavengers. Under these conditions, liquefaction and reactions such as decarboxylation, solvolysis and hydrogenation convert the biomass to a low-oxygenated renewable fuel oil with high energy density that is very similar to fossil fuels. Hydrofaction™ Oil is compatible with the existing petroleum transport and refining infrastructure.

Converting wet biomass eliminates the need to invest energy on pre-drying and operating under supercritical water conditions avoids investing energy in overcome the latent heat of water evaporation. Water in its supercritical state is an impressive physical and chemical force facilitating the transformation of biomass to create a hydrocarbon type fuel oil.

The high energy and mass conversion efficiencies of Hydrofaction™ are depicted in the diagrams below.


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