Hydrofaction™ Oil

oil bottlesThrough the operation of the pilot plant at Aalborg University, Steeper Energy has produced high quality Hydrofaction™ Oil that has been analyzed by third-party laboratories. Characteristics of Hydrofaction™ Oil include: high energy content (36 – 40 MJ/kg), low oxygen content (5 – 12 wt%), and low viscosity.

Steeper’s Hydrofaction™ Oil has functional equivalence to petroleum liquids. The distillate of Hydrofaction™ Oil is miscible with petroleum liquids and may be suitable as blendstock for marine and rail propulsion applications. When hydrotreated, Hydrofaction™ Oil yields drop-in diesel and jet fuels.

Beyond fuel applications, Hydrofaction™ Oil is made up of many valuable molecules of interest to petro-chemical and lubricants industries looking for renewable substitutes to traditional fossil inputs.

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