Pilot Plant

The centerpiece of Steeper Energy’s commercialization efforts is the ½ barrel per day pilot plant, or CBS, located at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Over the past 27 months of operation, the CBS has successfully processed multiple feedstocks, including DDGS, hardwood, softwood, peat, and tall oil demonstrating state-of-the-art continuous operations and generating world-first data and expertise.

CBS attributes:

  • Renewable Oil yields of 40% (dry weight), oxygen content of 5-12 wt% and higher heating value (HHV) of 36-40 MJ/kg;
  • 700+ operating hours with over 2700 hot standby hours; and,
  • Energy conversion of 80% and Carbon conversion ratios above 60%.

Steeper Energy tests feedstocks for interested parties and continues to offer this service to potential investors or strategic partners.

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