Steeper Energy has several sites under development in Europe and North America for an Industrial Scale Demonstration Plant (ISDP) validating Hydrofaction™ at near commercial-scale. The ISDP will be developed in cooperation with industrial partners and future licensees as well as government funding agencies.

Steeper Energy is developing commercial projects with biomass resource owners and future licensees of Hydrofaction™. Commercial facilities range in output from 1000 to 5000 barrels-per-day and represent annual biomass requirements of 130,000 to 650,000 measured in oven-dry tonnes.


The Company is very interested in developing relationships with project developers who are interested in transforming significant aggregated biomass resources into fully renewable fuel oil for drop-in fuels or petrochemical equivalent feedstocks. Pulp & Paper, Timber harvester and processors, large-scale agribusiness from cereal crops, palm plantations and sugar cane growers from every corner of the globe can benefit from the profitability of turning low-value organic wastes and residuals into high-value renewable fuel oil. Project developers and investors interested in learning more about this proprietary technology and global opportunity are also encouraged to contact Steeper Energy in either Calgary Canada or Copenhagen Denmark.

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