Steeper Energy Group consists of two separate, yet coordinated, companies:

Steeper Energy Aps, created the Hydrofaction™ technology platform. Based in Copenhagen Denmark, Steeper Energy Aps is focused on developing and commercializing its proprietary and proven Hydrofaction™ platform for the conversion of organic feedstocks to petroleum equivalent renewable fuel oil.

Steeper Energy Canada Limited, is a licensee of the Hydrofaction™ technology platform and is developing a number of commercial projects. Based in Calgary Alberta, Steeper Energy Canada Ltd. works with resource owners and investors to develop renewable fuel oil projects and opportunities.

Strategic partners and resource owners can engage either of our offices to deploy Hydrofaction™ to transform low-value forestry or agricultural residues into advanced biofuels displacing traditional petroleum products for heavy transport, lubricants or petro-chemicals markets.

Steeper Energy Aps was founded in 2011, with Steeper Energy Canada Limited following in 2012, to leverage the founder’s experience in the traditional and emerging alternative energy industries, and in particular their expertise in the area of hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass. At its inception the Company established a symbiotic relationship with Aalborg University (“AAU”) in Denmark. This relationship resulted in AAU hosting and incubating a Pilot Plant that has proven the core chemistry and many operating protocols of Steeper’s Hydrofaction™. Furthermore, oil produced at this facility has showcased the quality of renewable fuel oil that can be produced through the process as having petrochemical equivalency.

Building on this development model, Steeper Energy has maintained a highly cooperative approach with a variety of strategic partners having established strong relationships with leading academic, funding and industrial organizations across Europe and North America. The Company is currently in late stage development of an industrial scale demonstration plant and is working with several global fibre companies on commercial projects.

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